Asari Fukushima solo exhibition “sunny spot”


14/12, 2016(wed.)-15/01, 2017(tue.)
Close on the last day at 6 PM

Asari Fukushima will hold a solo exhibition who is based on west Japan, showing artworks with a cat as a motif.
In addition to acrylic paint and rock paint, she will exhibit works of adorable cat drawn by collage of various materials together.
Please come and see the latest work of the artist who was extremely popular with last year ‘s solo exhibition

“For me, a cat is a very warm family who welcomes me gently at all times.
That very happy and warm feeling when I am with them overflows even a little to my works,
and I am very happy if the customer who visits in the cold can feel a little warm feeling.”
Asari Fukushima

Asari Fukushima
When she started living with a cat 19 years ago, she was fascinated by a cat and started painting.
From that time on, the cats are always the main character of the motif.
While seeking ways to express cat’s charm, she now mainly collages using pictures taken by herself, and do with mixed media using various materials such as acrylic paint and rock paint.
Currently she lives with 23 cats in Shiga Prefecture.

Artist staying date (there is a possibility to change)

December 14, 17, 18, 24, 25, 30
January 5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Shamney2016June Diyan2016Aug

Living with Art


30/11, 2016(wed.)-13/12, 2016(tue.)
Close on the last day at 18:00

Everyday life is at home.
Choose stylish furniture for each living space, make your usual life more comfortable, and decorate your favorite art there.
Art that is new and can continue to go on for a long time, makes your life richer and more exciting.
Interior and art proposed by DMOARTS.
Surely you will want to imitate.

Organizer & Venue: DMO ARTS

Exhibitors: Asako Asahi, Yuta Okamura, Shiho Ueda, Shigeki Hattori, danny, Sawako Ninomiya, Anna Yamanishi

Interior coordination: graf

asahi okamura ueda hattori danny ninomiya yamanishi IMG_0386

Nakamura”mucho”Yoshiteru Exhibition “All Star”


21/09/2016 Wed.  – 11/10/2016  Tue.
Open 7days a week
Close 18:00 on 11th of October.

Reception party: 24/09/2016 (Sat.) 18:00-
Entrance free

A collage artist “Nakamura Mucho Yoshiteru”, he creates collage works with gathering nostalgic matchboxes, used T-shirts, foreign stamps and more.
Mainly the total 300 amount of matchboxes, a great variety of his works will fill up the wall of DMOARTS.
All colourful and unique characters are one off pieces, and there will be new series of collages.
We hope you’ll enjoy.
dm06 dm05 dm02

“dream-ringing”. Ryosuke Matsuzono Exhibition


24/08/2016 (Wed.) – 06/09/2016 (Tue.)

10:00-21:00 Open 7days a week

Reception party: 27/08/2016 (Sat.) 18:00- Entrance free

It’s something like an unidentified record, and painting to never forget it. It might has appeared in my dreams, and painting it to remember it. I’ve named such an obscure existence comes from wherever “dream-ringing”. Ryosuke Matsuzono


This is an annual solo exhibition of an illustrator Ryosuke Matsuzono. Now he is active widely in various fields, like a book-cover design and textile design and so on. His ink-painted illustrations express tiny magical stories of nostalgic strangers and unknown places.

Heroshi Nakyamera Exhibition “SMILE”


07/09/2016 (Wed.) – 20/09/2016 (Tue.)
Open 7days a week
Close 18:00 on 20th of September.

Reception party: 10/09/2016 (Sat.) 18:00-
                Entrance free

Special portrait event: 10(Sat.), 11(Sun.)/09/2016
                     About 30min. per person \3,000-
                     Reserve/Contact: onlineshop@dmoarts.com

Heroshi Nakyamera attracts attention with his humorous illustrations.
This is the second time solo exhibition following the last year at DMO ARTS.
In addition to some works exhibited at solo exhibition “friendly” in July, more gentle and happy newly works will be on display.
Not only illustrations, but also 3D works and goods made from cardboard will be on exhibit.
His current mood is fantasy exceedingly similar to real.
Humans, animals, plants and machines are all in a utopia. It should makes you smile.

HIROSHI NAGAI Exhibition Penguin’s Vacation Restaurant

3rd Aug. (wed) – 23th Aug. (Tue) DMOARTS
digmeout ART&DINER 10th Anniversary Exhibition
9th Aug. (Tue) – 21st Aug. (Sun) digmeout ART&DINER

The unrivaled illustrations originated with formative experiences from his youth journey in Sàn
Francísco in 1970.
From 1980 onward, Hiroshi Nagai has been creating a great number of sleeves, and making his
own unique presence at cultural scene. He has been painting a timeless scene of “Vacation” with
his famous clear touch of drawing.
This is a exclusive traveling exhibition that was on exhibit at gallery “CAY” in Tokyo. We will hold it
at DMOARTS and digmeout ART&DINER the same as previous exhibition in Osaka that took
place in 2013.
We will exhibit and sale as well as the original pictures owned by himself, also new-painted
illustrations for this exhibition, exclusive giclee prints, art books and T-shirts etc at DMOARTS.
At digmeout ART&DINER, a large number of rare printings : the sleeves, ad goods, cassettes and
novelties will be on display. Furthermore, Special DJ lounge party will be took place at 12th Aug.
Hiroshi Nagai and various guests will come on for DJ.
Summer midst, enjoy fantastic world of Hiroshi Nagai!!

Nagai_other_4 のコピー Nagai_main_1

Summer Madness ~Penguins vacation~
12th Aug. (Fri) 16:00-24:00 digmeout ART&DINER
DJ: Hiroshi Nagai, Mao Yamasaki, Kenichi Aono (BEAMS RECORDS), Toru Hashimoto (suburbia),
ADMISSION ¥2,000 (incl.1drink)


Yumiko Kanda Presents: “Hikari no Tsubu” (Grain of Light)


7/20 (Wed) – 8/2 (Tue)  ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
Reception Party: 7/23 (Sat) 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Please feel free to join us.

Yumiko Kanda is presenting her one-woman exhibit, “Hikari no Tsubu” (Grain of Light). Yumiko uses common items as her motifs, including stationery and household goods, kitchen appliances, food, and more. When taking a closer look, she creates true-to-life works that show the real beauty in everyday “objects”. Yumiko uses the medium of bubbles as the focal point of this exhibit. Come and see something new from this highly praised artist.

In only a number of grains, light lingers.
A portion of them gather, shining as one light.
I want to hold onto the shape and color created in that exact moment.
Yumiko Kanda



Yumiko Kanda
Born in 1980. Graduated from Setsu Mode Seminar in 2007. As an illustrator, Yumiko currently creates art for books, magazines, and advertisements. Using acrylic gouache, she draws materials from everyday objects, highlighting their beauty and texture. In 2010, she was the Canvas@Sony Art Walk Audition Grand Prix winner. In 2011, she won the Masayoshi Nakajou HB File Competition.

eimi exhibition [-utopia-]


7/6 (Wed) – 7/19 (Tue) ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
Reception Party: 7/9 (Sat) 6:00pm
Please feel free to join us.

eimi draws young girls in popart style using vivid colors. Her illustrations follow the theme “Utopia”. Her work centers around the story of a group of girls dreaming of the nostalgic. eimi plans to have T-shirts, art books, and more on display.

A non-existent perfect world has been hiding for awhile. Within the girls, the colors, and summer, please look for the small details that conceal an imaginary world.
- eimi

Born in 1986, eimi grew up in Niigata Prefecture and currently resides in Tokyo. After graduating from design school, she increased gained experience working as a designer and is currently a free illustrator. Women in their teens and 20s have gathered to support these unforgettable and slightly malicious pop-art images of young girls. Alongside her work with magazines, books, events, and illustrations for television, eimi has a diverse portfolio which also includes illustrated advertisements and merchandise with Shibuya 109, PARCO, and others. Outside of Japan, eimi has exhibited galleries and gathered attention with exhibits in Los Angeles in 2010 as well as in New York, Spain, England, and Hong Kong.

Tantan Presents: Shin


6/22 (Wed) – 7/5 (Tue) ※Doors close on the last day at 6:00pm.
Reception Party: 7/1 (Fri) 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Please feel free to join us.

This is Tantan’s first exhibit held in the Kansai area, called Shin. Tantan is an artist specializing in modern art based in Tokyo. Having sold all of her works during last year’s exhibition, she has also gained attention by having special features published in fine art magazines. Tantan’s work features rhythmical abstract expression; her paintings will be put on display at the exhibit in Osaka.

Truth 真, Heart 心, Deep 深, Core 芯, Belief 信, New 新, Progress 進…
all of these ideas are pronounced ‘Shin’…
I suppose I am trying to live my life keeping “Shin” in mind.
My art is a record of the conversations between these concepts and my everyday life.

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1977, currently living in Tokyo. She started presentations in 1995.
After working as a Victor Promotional Artist, Tantan studied abroad for a short time in New York and gained experience as a “Geijutsu-ka” or Fine Artist. Currently, her pieces center around abstract art including models, literature, music and a variety of other fields.



6/8 wed.-6/21 tue. (Last day only open until 6:00PM)
Reception Party: 6/11 sat. 6:00PM

YUGO is an illustrator well known for his artwork for musicians an in fashion. Continuing from last year, he’s holding personal exhibits in Osaka and Tokyo.

This time, YUGO is using “Music” as a theme. The inside of the gallery looks like a live house/record shop, and he will be drawing the story of the youth who gather there.
Additionally, he will be exhibiting work based off of music from his fans in the music industry.
Various original goods from his collective works (excluding one part) will be on sale at his personal exhibition.
Works on display at his two shows in Osaka and Tokyo are also slightly different.
Please come and enjoy this event filled with music truly beloved by YUGO.

[Tokyo Exhibit]
When: 7/18 mon.-7/24 sun. 12:00PM-8:00PM
Where: kit gallery
Houei Bldg 2F-A, 2-31-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Illustrator, digmeout artist. Designer for rock bands and musicians. Alongside art production for apparel and music events, YUGO also creates illustration for fashion magazines and exhibits a variety of work for the fashion and music world.

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