Kana Otsuki Exhbition “Minna Kara No Naka” ( Everyone Among the shell))

Otsuki Kana illustrator / painter, the troubled times
Continued to draw as a life to live stretch of the “girl”, feminine and barrel hidden
I am put in the motif of a girl and motherhood.
The present exhibition, held in the neutron tokyo (2012) last year
As a traveling exhibition of “from among the people”, it is done sprinkled a new product.
Work and messages that originate through the SNS is from a wide range of generation
Otsuki Kana to resonate, please look forward to the exhibition in Osaka after a long time.

Opening Reception
(Sat) 18:00-20:00 DMOARTS 20 July
You can participate freely anyone.

“Swallow paper +”  2013
Acrylic, spray on canvas 910 × 910mm

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