Amane Murakami Exhibition “HOP OVER”

10.2 wed- 22 tue. 2013 DMOARTS  [opening party 10.5 sat. 18:00-20:00]

DMOARTS will be holding an exhibition of Murakami. Is the artist, art director, and director of the product brand “amabro”
Review the creatures various stands and is known, Murakami will sublimate in the style of modern jumped over the genre and era.

In this exhibition, including a new art of his concept of the “ART OF LIFE” is also pleased to announce the new and classic products of “amabro” is produced. In addition, the more conceptual, personality of the artist appeared stronglyIt also display and sale of one-off items of brand new “MURASAKI”.

Amane Murakami
Born in 1975. He encounter a silk screen in Kobe Design University. He studied illustration, graphic design while in school. After graduation, as an art director of “AMDR”, in addition to the design of fashion catalog and CD cover, he also deals supervision original brand of “amabro” while including creative activities. He also announced a new product brand “MURASAKI” in 2012.
Murakami Art Co., Ltd. President and CEO


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