riya exhibition 「TRICK STER」

10.23wed.-11.5tue.2013 DMOARTS

※ opening party 10.26 sat.18 :00-20: 00
(Riya will make a production demonstration at the venue all day)

In the mythology, defeating the natural order and God,
That of the organism to be drawn as mischievous to tear apart the story.
Feature is that with good and evil, destruction and regeneration,

such as fools and wise men, the two sides completely different.

TRICK STER brings the fire in the world to steal fire in mischief,
and be fooled or tricked, or antics, such as a child you do not hate.
To spirit fictitious coyote and raven, from rabbit,
It is possible to find by changing the figure in the mythology of the world.

whirled around
Through the story
With the help of eye crow
What do you wonder if you look except glance.

riya : born in Chicago 1985
In the method of paper-cutting, and side-by-side icon human and animal, wave, cloud,
flame, star, such as eyes,It is the artist creating works magical, ethnic.
In her solo exhibition “TRICK STER” and cutout characters of the world of myth
Production methods. The new work or My First ART series affordable addition to the
original work Original goods also sell. Please look forward to the work of riya that
spun the story freely to the beholder.


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