‘Incoherent Circus’ Yuka Yonemasu EXHIBITION


[DATES] 2014,July,2nd(Wed)-July,15th (Tue)

※ Opening reception, 2014, June, 5th(Sat) 6pm-8pm

DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘Incoherent Circus’ by Yuka Yonemasu. We will be open the exhibition from 2nd of July to 15th of July 2014. The opening reception will hold on 5th of July from 6pm-8pm so please do not miss the exhibition and the opening reception.


Yuka Yonemasu is an illustrator who energetically active in publishing original piece of work and also creating cover design for various popular writers. She uses acryl gouache, pens and collage art work for the first step, then she scans the art work to create final piece of work by MAC PC. The main theme of her work is, “Is it a dream or reality or a vision?” Thus, she expresses a dreamy atmosphere mingled with dream and reality under the theme.


Yuka Yonemasu says, ‘I like a dreamy atmosphere that I could feel a sense of reality not only the fantasy of optimistic dreams. The thing which slightly lonely, ephemeral but lively and individually strong. I would use “circus” as an example for my art work. Because, circus is a thing that happens in a short time but creates magical and fantasy like a dream. It seems like whole thing was a dream but it actually happened in reality and I want to express the imagination in my art work.’

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