eimi exhibition LONELY PLANET


DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, “LONELY PLANET”
by eimi from 21st of January to 3rd of February.
eimi was born in Niigata prefecture and lives in Tokyo. She graduated
from Tokyo Design Academy, graphic design department. She started a
carrier as an art supplies salesperson later she became an illustrator.
She belongs to digmeout and SHIBUYA GIRLS POP. She constantly participates
in exhibitions, designing advertisement of magazines and make collaboration


These days, she became the focus of advertisement industry and her artwork
has been used in various fashion magazines such as Zipper, PHP special and
Figue. The striking features of her artwork is to use pop and colourful
colours and use lovable yet pathetic girl who tries to be more mature than
what she really is. Her artwork gained popularity among young women and
they sympathized her life-sized illustration.
In this time of the exhibition, she represents the dreamland which a girl
or young woman has in their heart with full of hope. She will display-sale
her latest artwork and limited goods such as a postcard, ZINE, iPhone cases
and My First Art series.
We look forward your visit, please enjoy the show.

eimi_ronripuranetto eimi_jyuuryoku eimi_jojou

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