‘SHOW AT HIVE’ by Nekoshogun Exhibition



DMO ARTS is pleased to announce our next exhibition, ‘SHOW AT HIVE’ by Nekoshogun from 22nd of April (Wed) to 12th of May (Tue).


* The opening party will hold on 25th of April (Sat), everyone could join us from 6pm to 9pm at gallery DMO ARTS, (LUCUA1100 B1F)


Nekoshogun will have her solo exhibition after a year and it is long waited exhibition for the fans. She will going to show us her latest artwork under the theme of ‘show at hive’ which include an illustration of animals in the clothes of an insect or get dressed up like a gentleman such as a bee primp up with a tuxedo. She will also going to perform live drawing so you get a chance to meet up and talk to her face to face. Please do not miss her show!


* Live drawing events will hold on 25th of April (Sat) 1pm-6pm, 29th of April (Wed)1pm-6pm, 5th of May(Sat) 1pm to 6pm.





Nekoshogun is an illustrator who was born in Wakayama prefecture in 1982. She expanded popularity in Japan and also in the United States since she uploaded videos of her drawing process on ‘Niko Niko Douga’ and her illustration has been used for the famous singer, Kyosuke Himuro. She recently published her own illustration book, ‘ILLUSTRATION MAKING and VISUAL BOOK NEKOSHOGUN’




2012- ・ ” Wariorrs” , Kyosuke Himuro’s CD jacket, production of CM animation (Warner Music Japan)

・ Book cover design for ” Dead Man” written by Kanji Kawai (Kadokawa Shoten)

・ Book cover design for “Darkwoods Circus” written by Machigerita (PHP lab.)2011-

・ Animation character and weapon design for “LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW” (Kadokawa games, grasshopper manifacture)

・ Opening illustration for ” Bowling Revolution P★LEAGUE” (BS Nippon Television Network Corporation)

・Solo Exhibition Appetite for Madness at DMO ARTS 2013

・Solo Exbition “Nekoia” at Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan, DMO ARTS 2012

・Solo Exbition ” Beats” at DMO ARTS 2011

・Solo Exbition “DELISIOUS” at digmeoutART&DINER 2009

・Solo Exbition at acrymony(LA) 2008

・Solo Exbition at digmeoutCAFE 2006

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