DMOARTS will participate in the “Emerging Directors’ artfair ULTRA 006″.

As a modern art gallery of Osaka, DMOARTS constanly find young and spirited artists.
Even when photographic expression, we always have been conducted presentations
at the new point of view. In this time of “Emerginqg Directors’ artfair ULTRA 006″,
Kaori Kotani, the director of ” UNKNOWN PHOTOGRAPHY” will exhibit the phographic
exhibition with two photographers.

The Photographer, Hideo Anze uses tant paper to make three-dimensional paper craft
artifacts and then, he takes picture of the artifacts and finally the photography will be
his artwork.He uses his analog technique to make the paper craft. When the paper craft
become a subject for photography with lighting at the studio, even the context of
minimal art put together as an digital art.Including The Art Fair Tokyo, he has received
a high reputation both domestic and international. This time in “ULTRA 004″, he will be
displaying the latest photo which increased the depth further.

Ken Oyama known as a pioneer for photo book publishing such as “Junction”, ” Research
Of A Housing Development” and ” Kojyo Moe”. Unlike general phographic expressions, his
work was taken with high quality pictures and it gives fresh excitement which filled with
realistic scene.

We would like to make a unique proposal that DMO ARTS can only express with two
talented photographers.We are looking forward your visit.

「Emerging Directors’ artfair ULTRA 006」
▶ Opening period:October side:26th of October (Sat) 〜 29th (Tue) 4 days 11am〜7pm
▶Site : Spiral Garden(Spiral 1st floor)Adress:5-6-23 Aoyama Minato Ward
▶Opening Reception:27th of October(Sat)20:30 ~ 22:00

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