An apology and correction regarding an error in the DMOARTS certificates of authenticity.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of DMOARTS.

We would like to make this formal apology to everyone.

The DMOARTS “My First ART” series and original paintings, which opened in 2011, came with a certificate of authenticity which contained an error. Patrons who have received original work from this series are advised to review certificates of authenticity for these pieces.

1) For Giclee Printed pieces, the certificate of authenticity contains a mistake that incorrectly identifies the type of blank canvas used.
Originally, the type of canvas was Morrow Paper, however, do to an error, it was incorrectly identified.
※ In the revised version, “high quality paper” is listed instead, which is an upgraded version of all-purpose stock paper.

2) In one of our original works, the artist’s name was misprinted on the certificate of authenticity. The name of a different artist was used in error and appeared on the documents for this piece.

We would like to take this time to apologize and correct these errors.

Since the gallery is not able to sell articles where accompanying certificates of authenticity contain errors, pieces from the “My First ART” series and other original works have been pulled from our storefronts and online store. We have thoroughly inspected the documents for all pieces being sold and made appropriate amendments. Pieces with accurate certificates will be reauthorized for sale as they become available.

Also, for anyone who has purchased pieces from the “My First ART” collection or original paintings from our gallery, we will be reissuing certificates of authenticity for those customers. For customers who need a purchase history for specific pieces, please contact us directly, and we will begin the process of forwarding updated documents.

For those of you who have participated in our gallery events or purchased items from our POP UP SHOP; or our patrons who have received “My First ART” pieces as gifts, please review the certificates of authenticity. We will start the process to reissue any of these documents. (For any pieces purchased since our opening, please confirm the sales history of DMOARTS works from the list below.)

Using “friendly, casual art” as a theme, we at DMOARTS have introduced and sold works from young artists, domestic and foreign. In order to remedy these errors for guests who have purchased pieces from us, those who give us their endorsements and support, and to all artists who have participated in our projects, we will continue to work hard to correct and reissue any certificates of authenticity. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Going forward, DMOARTS would like to continue our commitment to introducing high quality, high value art, and we truly appreciate your support and your patronage.

802 Mediaworks Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiro Taniguchi, DMOARTS Director

Please direct any questions to


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